For anyone wanting to extend time underwater in cooler waters, doing a technical dive course or simply wanting to be warm as toast, a drysuit is the way to go, no questions asked.

They are easy to operate and we have sourced a full range to suit all budgets, shapes and sizes.

The most important thing about a suit is the FIT, not the extra features! Don’t be lured in to buying a suit just because of the brand or because it has silicon seals.. All of our suits are imported from the UK, one of the mail cold water dive locations in the world. We only bring in value for money suits, all in 100% working condition.

We have a full range of Ladies specific suits

ALL SUITS have the following features:

  1. -Modern design

  2. -Well respected brand names

  3. -Tech black with colour inserts (no lumo-80’s style suits)

  4. -Standard inflation valves to match the common hoses (Apeks inflation on request)

  5. -Have new or 100% functional neck and wrist seals

  6. -Have working inflation and air dump valves

Drysuit brands include : Typhoon, Otter, Oceanic, Aqualung, Hollis, BodyGlove, DUI (on request)

We also stock a full range of Undersuits in 50, 100 and 200 gram material to suit the right conditions - Brands include : Oceanic, GUL, Wooley Bear, NorthernDiver, Weasel


Drysuits : R4500 – R12000

Undersuits : R1500 – R2800

Neoprene and Tri-laminate available Sizes Small through to XXL Some suits come with extras like dry gloves, pee-valve, pee-zip, pockets

Please email or call us to set up a fitting time. We may be at one of the OMSAC or FBUC meetings so if you’re part of a dive club please let us know

Click here to view the full range at the Web Shophttp://www.capetowndivers.co.za/shop/

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