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Welcome to diving in Cape Town, South Africa!

Cape Town is home to one of the most diverse set of dive sites in the world. The sites range from easy walk-in shore entry to more advanced deep wreck dives.

We have the chilly waters of the Benguela current on the western seaboard which provide a nutrient rich food supply from the cold water upwellings and bring in game fish and seals. Temperatures here are usually 10 - 18 degrees depending on the wind and season

The False Bay area receives warmer water from the Agulhus current which runs north to south down the east coast of Southern Africa. This side is home to a different but equally interesting array of marine life including the famous Great White Shark

The different temperatures provide divers not only with year round diving in good conditions, but also a wide variety of marine life and diverse underwater topography. Sites are not dived frequently on the whole and there is always a chance of spotting something you haven’t seen before

Options include entry level shore entry dive sites, boat launches to sites further offshore, shallow and deep wrecks, seal encounters, kelp forests, caves and swim throughs - you can even dive in the local 2 Oceans Aquarium!

Below you will find information on some of our favourite local dive sites. Our schedule is flexible, conditions permitting, and we try out new sites all the time so if there’s one you’re interested in diving let us know..

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