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Ecology Speciality, Kelp Forest

As you become more environmentally aware of your underwater surroundings, you may find yourself particularly interested in the ecology of two major oceanic environments, the Kelp Forests and the Coral Reefs.

The Underwater Ecologist (Kelp Forest) specialty course focuses on the complex and productive ecosystem found found right on our doorstep. This course examines the kelp forests, their occupants such as mollusks, crustaceans, fish and marine mammals. From tiny nudibranchs the size of your finger tip to the Great White Shark, the Mother City has it all

We proactively promote sound environmental diving techniques to help protect our planet's ecosystems, and teaching divers how to better interface with the delicate kelp and coral environments.

Through the Underwater Ecologist courses, you will learn more about our favourite diving environments.

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